Our goal is building community.

Battle on the Beach is a bar vs bar sand volleyball tournament with a twist: as long as your bar is on the roster, feel free to bring out ANY and ALL staff – BoH, FoH, security, MGMT – and enjoy the beer and liquor sponsors of the day, swag, the DJs, drink specials, and the friendly bar vs bar competition.

Battle on the Beach was created with the goal of building a greater community within the hospitality industry here in Nashville

Battle on the Beach is catered to the service industry, however, the event is open to the public so bring your friends and your pups and enjoy a service industry party that ISN’T just drinking at a bar late night.


Colin Lukasik


Colin is a lifelong fan of Volleyball and long-time member of the Nashville Service Industry. As someone who enjoys bringing people together, Colin is the warm and welcoming voice of Battle on the Beach.

We hope to see you at our next event!

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