Battle on the Beach is 5 weeks of pool play, one week of tournament play. Tournament seed is based on the 5 previous weeks of play. Ex. #1 team plays #20 team. Pool play consists of THREE games to 21 even if the first two games count as a loss.

6v6 Co-ed setup – At least 2 guys or two girls on the court at all times. If a substitute is not available, a team may play 4v4 with 1 male or 1 female on the court.

Battle on the Beach is a Bar vs Bar concept. You must have your roster in by week 3 and it MUST have at least 4/6 of the registered bar participants on the tournament day only. If the winning team does not pass a crosscheck of proof of employment on the day of the playoffs, the next team who completes the proof of employment check will receive the prizes.

Battle on the Beach uses ‘rally scoring’ to 21. A point is allotted every time the ball touches the sand regardless of the team that served it.

House Rules:

Absolutely NO SMOKING on the premises. You may smoke in the parking lot area, but please be respectful of the facilities.

100% no BYOB. Outside alcohol is STRICTLY prohibited.

Leaving the designated areas with alcohol is prohibited.

Please remember that volleyball is just a game. Competitiveness is encouraged but unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Be respectful of your teammates, the opposition, the refs, and the extras that are working to create a positive environment for you. Upsets are commonplace in sports.

Volleyball Rules:

Absolutely ZERO contact with the net by ANY part of the body, including hats if worn. The only exception is hair.

Your team has 3 contacts on your side to get the ball over the net.

Lifting, scooping, or carrying the ball is prohibited.

If the ball lands on or inside the court it is considered ‘in’.

Servers must serve the ball behind the court.

If the ball contacts the net on the serve it is still considered in play.

Your team must rotate clockwise upon receiving the ball.

You may penetrate the plane of the net on a block as long as the opposition is attacking and not setting the ball.

You may not ‘attack’ the ball past the plane of the net (for all the tall players out there).

A block does not count as a touch. If the ball is blocked to your side you have 3 more attempts to score a point.

You may substitute a player /players upon your serve *only*. In pool play this rule is lenient, in the playoffs it will be followed to the letter.

You are allowed to use any body part when touching the ball, including legs, chest, or head.

Rules Disclaimer:

There are many more technical rules to volleyball and beach volleyball that may be assessed in the moment.

Please respect all referee decisions in the matter.